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Hourglass                           light                          2017 


Hourglass light is a night light that has very simple function of dimming light without adding other layer of technology. By flipping its body upside down, the sand will trickle down and cover the light source. It is cordless and powered by lithium battery that you can easily replace. 



Hourglass light is consisted of two 3V lithium batteries, LED lights and weight sensor. Weight sensor is connected to LED lights and programmed to understand the total weight of sand. Therefore once the entire sand trickles down, it is programmed to turn off the LED lights so that you don’t actually waste your battery. 

This lighting is powered by two 3V lithium batteries. If you want to switch them up, just slightly push the lid down and there is a slight slope that allows the lid to open up. The lid is held together by hidden magnet.

hourglass w boookhourglass w boook