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Fever                    interactive hoodie                     2014


Fever is an interactive hoodie for couples to share intimate messages, calls and moments whether together or apart. Outfitted with multiple interactive features that encourage spontaneity, Fever aims to revive the importance of handwriting, physical reminders and the value of touch between lovers. Devices are connected through an app through the user's phones as an archive. 

This project was a class project sponsored by HTC.

HTC and The Future of Intimacy

When HTC came to us with the prompt the future of intimacy we wanted to investigate technologies role in how we communicate with the people closest to us–our lovers. Seeing how this has evolved so rapidly due to applications created by mobile phones we wanted to explore the value in human interaction. Face to face communication, privacy, and touch are fading fast in a digital world. By creating a new platform for communication we wanted to know if intimacy could be woven into these digital experience.

  1. Outer fabric : 70% cotton, 30% polyester
  2. Inner flexible screen layer (detachable)
  3. Lining fabric: 100% polyester
  4. Hardware pocket
  5. Draw string channel
  6. Integrated speaker
  7. Power / Call button

Communicate when apart

In order to provide an intimate experience we focused on hand written messages and drawings that can be exchanged privately from one hoodie to another with intuitive interactions on the LED touch fabric wrapped around the entire collar. The remote serves as a handle providing further options such as color selection and voice recording. We wanted these interactions to be private and intimate. As opposed to being on a hand held device away from your body, they are close to you–warmed by your body and on the inside of the garment. 

Call private when apart

Built-in microphones and speakers allow lovers to call in private and discreetly in any space, anytime. Calls are made via Bluetooth from the phone that is synced to your hoodie.

Connect When Together

Fever can be unzipped and connected to create a warm blanket worn together by couples when together. Once merged, the couples mode is introduced, providing further interactions such as shared music and ambient light displays, adding additional warmth and romantic ambience to each other's company.

Memories Shared and Saved

The Fever app is a place where dates can be planned or revisited, light themes can be made from photos or videos and playlists can be shared. A discover feature is where couples can browse themes that other couples have created over their relationship.